MYKE Smart Toilet Tokyo Edition

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Model: Tokyo Edition
Material: Enhance appearance ABS+Ceramic Core
Color: Pure White
Size: 65L*40W*45.5H CM
Power: Rated voltage: 220V ac; Rated frequency: 50Hz-60Hz; Rated power: 1100W

(Note: The inlet water temperature is 15 degree, and the outlet
water temperature and flow rate are set at the highest level)

  • Support APP operation.
  • Induction flip.
  • Remote flip.
  • Hip cleaning.
  • Female cleaning.
  • Cleaning nozzle self-cleaning.
  • Reciprocating cleaning.
  • Strong and weak massage.
  • Extension drying.
  • Seating induction.
  • Automatic flushing.
  • Tube position, Water temperature, Wind temperature
  • The seat temperature can be adjusted in 5 levels.

  • Demo: (Cover Opens on Remote or foot tap)

  • Installation Guide
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