MYKE Toilet Stool

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MYKE's detachable space saving toilet stools are perfect for those with small bathrooms, OR if you just want a nice clean look. These detachable stools easily break down into 3 small pieces that fit inside each other so you can store next to your toilet or under your sink.

Here is a list of benefits for our detachable unit:

  • MYKE's Detachable Space Saver Toilet Stools are highly effective in aligning the colon for effortless elimination
  • Helps promote better health, greater comfort, and more energy
  • Works with any toilet by providing a raised platform for your feet, which angles the body into a squatting position
  • Features a space-saving, clean line design with pieces that stack inside one another and can easily be stored out of sight
  • 300 lb. weight capacity
  • 100% plastic
  • Measures 54.5cm L x 32.5" W x 23cm H
  • Hand wash
  • Easy to assemble

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