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MYKE Zap-2 Heavy Duty Insect Killer Lamp, 20Watts, w/ EMC Certificate

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EMC certifications are a mandatory requirement in most markets, including Europe, the US, China, Korea, Australia and New Zealand. Electromagnetic compatibility testing is necessary to help you meet regulatory requirements, improve product performance and reduce the risk of costly non-compliance.


  • Product: Zap-2 Insect Killer Lamp
  • With EMC Certificate
  • Model: Zap-2
  • Color: Grey+Black
  • Voltage: 220V/60HZ
  • Usage: Indoor Commercial
  • Cover Area: 80M2
  • Discharge: PCBA All in One
  • HV Grid: 4200V
  • Discharge Way: When mosquito touches the high voltage grid, it will create sound "Zzz.." Continuously.
  • Tube: UV Fluorescent Lamp.
  • Wave Length: 365-390MM which attracts mosquito effectively.
  • Materials: ABS+Aluminum
  • Install: Wall Mounted, Ceiling Suspended, Free Standing
  • Features
    • Quick access to serviceable parts
    • Removable collection try for easy cleaning
    • Over 30000 Hours working life
  • Tubes:2x10W
  • Dimension: 38.6*9.3*28.5
  • Warranty: 1 Year

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